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I. shopping

a) [ azusa was in one of those spending moods today. when's the last time he'd gone out shopping with the swords? ( more like whens the last time he was allowed--) at any rate, since the citadel was getting low on supplies he took it upon himself to drag off the first person in sight with him to go supply shopping, list in hand and everything.

of course, once they got there that list was quickly forgotten upon noticing some colorful displays with nice fashion. he's looking intently at the shining accessories and clothes with silky fabrics. grabbing onto the person's arm, he grins. ]

Hey, do... you want this? You do right? So if I buy it, it'll be a justified purchase, right? [ as his grip tightens his face looks like it's saying something along the lines of: please say yes! ]

b) [ well, this shopping trip has definitely derailed from what it was originally for. since he's just so good at persuasion he's managed to convince his shopping pal to try on clothes with him. ...wasn't this a supply run?

ANYWAY, once they're both out of the changing room he takes a good look at the other and... ]
Ew, what is that? No no, go change. Those colors don't match at all! We're trying to look fashionable, not like weird street performers! (no chill) Alright, here, try this instead. [ quickly, he shoves a separate set of clothes into their arms before they could say anything else. ]

II. Repairs

[ well! that was an eventful expedition. everyone got all scratched and banged up from the looks of it. seems like azusa is going to have to change his strategy, but that's for another time. right now he has to take care of all those wounds. leaving himself for last because...ok look, he's fine--it's not because he hates the antiseptic products or anything. that open wound on his shoulder can heal up on its own. yeah right.

as the first person shows up to be treated he pulls out the bandages and medicine from the kit and takes their hand quickly dabbing at the scratches. ]

This is gonna sting a little, but it'll be over soon. I'll be as gentle as possible m'kay? ( practice what you preach azusa... )

[ with medical pliers in hand he'll make sure to pull out any splinters or tips of arrows in any of the wounds before cleaning and bandaging. ]

My idea was pretty bad, huh? I went and got you guys all ruined like this haha, sorry. I'll think of something else next time. I know, I'll get you guys new accessories as an apology. Sound good? Ah, if I miss any wounds tell me. If you're feeling nauseous, also tell me! I won't be able to tell from just looking.

III. Forging

[ As soon as he returned home he set everything down and scurried to the forgery. ] Nyaha! a new friend is home, Gotta make sure they feel welcomed! [ As he opens the doors the first thing he does is pull up the two outfits he had waiting just for them.]

Good afternoon!...No, wait--Good evening! This is for you. Tell me, which one of these do you like better? [ ah yes, the azusa ritual of gifting each new sword with a brand new pair of clothes. ]

It's important to know where your tastes lie.

IV. Omiyage

[ Finally, he's home and with tons of treasures from that supply hunt. He picked out most of these with someone in mind--now he just has to give these to everyone. It's just one of those gift-giving days and he wants to show gratitude so! ]

Hey! If you're sleeping wake up! I'm home and I brought gifts--they're not dead this time. So I'll get lots of pats on the head right? You should praise me! In return, I'll also pat and praise you Nyahaha! It's a win win.

[ as he says that he goes around passing his gifts to everyone expectantly waiting to be pet or something of the like. ]

If there's something else you'd like to plot hit me up! I'm down for anything!
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A: Hard at work?
[Whether you’re working on a chore, training hard or even ditching the work, you might feel like someone’s watching you. When you look around and check, there is Yamato Hotsuin, watching you at a distance. It’s a little hard to see what kind of expression he have, but maybe you can guess it.

Like are you working hard? Or doing well in training? He would approve of it.

Or maybe he caught you procrastinating on work. In that case, I hope you can handle disapproval. Yamato never hide how much he dislike people wasting their talents.

Whichever it is, get ready because he’s coming over!

B: A healing touch.
[Yamato wasn’t a gentle man. However, when it comes to repairing his swords, his work was good. Very good, careful, gentle and even soothing for the sword. While he does view the swords as nothing more than pawns, he prefers making sure they’re all in good conditions to work. Both physically and mentally.]

Hold still.

[He probably doesn’t need to say it, but he gave the order anyway as he carefully clean up and bandage the wounds.]

Tell me if you feel any pain anywhere.

[Yamato isn’t going to talk about how they receive these injuries, yet. Did they get hurt in an ambush? Or retreat when a mission went horribly wrong? Or they succeed in their mission, but receive a blow from the enemy squad leader? How it happened would affect how Yamato talks to them about this…

About whether he would show his approval of their work, or not.

C: Takoyaki
[The swords might smell something delicious in the air. If they follow the scent, they would eventually find themselves seeing Yamato Hotsuin sitting outside of his room with a ceramic mug of tea in his hands.

And a plate of takoyaki right next to him. Maybe you know about his fondness for the snack, or maybe it's the first time you saw him eating it.

Talk to him?

D: Wildcard
[Do your worst.]

(OOC: Saniwa AU for Yamato Hotsuin from Devil Survivor 2! Info is here. I'm sorry for this ass.)
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A - Citadel

[ There's no Sorties to go on, the daily chores have been done, which means that finally there's some down time to enjoy. And what better way, than to mess with one of the cool devices their master Saniwa has brought back from the future alongside them??

Shishiou has officially hijacked the tablet.

It takes a lot of messing around with it to get it to work right and all that, but once he figures it out he'll be flipping quickly through the album of photos in order to find pictures of the swords...and promptly use the doodle option to put all sorts of bizarre, ridiculous scribbles on them: eye patches, moustaches, moles, uzumaki, you name it. And the moment he sees you, he's going to hold it up with a grin. ]

Hey hey! Check this out! Isn't it great?? The great Shishiou-sama has decorated your portrait for you, hehe~

B - Stables

[ Unlike other swords, Shishiou isn't actually that opposed to working with the horses. He's not a huge fan of them (aside from how tasty they look), but the old man had been fond of them and he doesn't mind them all that much. He'd prefer to ride one into battle instead of brushing out their fur and cleaning the stocks, but it's his turn.

It is just totally, completely boring compared to the thrill of battle. That's all. Which is why he leans heavily on his pitchfork rather than use it for its intended purpose. ]

I guess it beats field work... A man hunt'd be way more fun! Naa, Shiroage? [ ...Yes, he might just be talking to the horse. Instead of whoever his partner is for this chore today, because clearly a war horse will understand his want for excitement and thrills. Clearly. ]

C - Fieldwork

[ So remember how he said he preferred taking care of the horses to this? Shishiou meant it, because no matter how careful he is (or tries to be), it's just dirty work. There's mud on his feet, mud on his pants, mud on his hands, his arms, his shirt--even though he'd rolled up the sleeves. Pretty much the only places it isn't is his face and hair. Which is nice, but it's still a dang pain in the ass. He's going to have to soak to get it out from under his nails.

If it were the grit and dirt granted from a heady battle it'd be one thing, but from pulling weeds and collecting vegetables? The thrill is just not there. But the dirt is. The dirt will always be there.

But hey. If he's working he might as well enjoy some of the fruits of his labour right?? No one will miss him is he takes a quick break to the river nearby and has a few chilled cucumbers right?

Right?? ]

D - Wildcard!

[ Hit me up with your own scenario! ]
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► A: It All Adds Up
[Ever since he joined the army, Yagen became their defacto doctor in the clinic. Whenever someone get a small injury around the citadel, something that's not severe enough to get the Saniwa's attention, Yagen will be there to handle it. In the clinic or elsewhere (he would always carry first aid supplies in his pouch), Yagen's always prepared to help out and answer any questions.

Even when he's not looking after someone, Yagen would either get buried in his research about the human body and medical science. For the sake of his General's objective, he would do his best to improve his knowledge and help maintain the army's health for battle.

That's a lot of work, but Yagen usually made sure he take breaks to mentally recharge himself.

However, the past few days have been very busy. The squads had returned from their missions and Yagen's been busy helping the Saniwa with checking their injuries. He may have... stayed up too late and slept in the clinic instead of his shared bedroom with his brothers.

Anyone who walks in, or is even a patient resting up, would find Yagen resting his head on his arms at his desk. It's clear that he's sleeping like this. The lack of sleep seems to have caught up on him.

Wake him up? Play a trick on him? Get him into a more comfortable position?

► B: Supply Run
[It's time to head down to the merchant's for some supplies. Both Yagen and his companion are tasked with buying the necessary items on their shopping list. They have enough money to buy everything they need, with some money left over.

So maybe you might be tempted to buy something.

... Do you want something?

[Yagen asks, after he noticed his companion is eyeing something in the store. Plead your case for this item? Maybe it's not THAT expensive...]

► C: Wild Card!
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1. Dance practice
( There’s a cute and poppy melody coming from somewhere in the citadel. Should you choose to follow it, you’ll find Ryoko in one of the empty bedrooms at the citadel practicing her moves. The song itself doesn’t actually have a whole dance but you wouldn’t know it watching her! That is, until about half way through she seems to trip over her footing and come to a frustrated sort of stop. )

Ooh… that wasn’t right… ( And she redoes her last move one last time, trying a different twist to it, holding it place and— ) Hmm…

( Let’s try this one! She spins around and— )

What are you doing?!

( Were you watching?! You weren’t supposed to see that. It’s still a work in progress!!! )

2. I fix swords not people
( So you’ve recently come back from the front lines! Or maybe it was an expedition. Either way, Ryoko’s heard the news and she’s on her way to go greet her returning army. She’s expecting to have to do a few repairs and maybe stick a couple of bandaids on a cut or two but today was different, wasn’t it?

Something went horribly wrong on your mission and you’ve returned with heavy damage. Maybe someone is carrying you back or you’re barely managing to keep yourself up. Either way, it’s pretty serious and Ryoko really isn’t expecting this. She’s been lucky so far! She hasn't had to deal with major repairs! But her luck’s run out. Yours too. But especially hers.

Welcome ba—AAAAAAAH!


3. This is a direct command
Come here.

( She says it so suddenly and with such urgency, it’s surprising, really. She really isn’t one to give clear and concise orders. Heck, she really isn’t the type to give orders at all! For so long, she’s been inclined to let her spirits make most of the decisions when it came to things… so this is weird.

She beckons for you to come closer, her face twisted in one of utmost annoyance. She’s sitting down on the floor and she wants you to have a seat right next to her. No, not there, that’s too far away. Right. Next. To. Her. Right. Here.

I can’t take it anymore! ( And as soon as you’re seated, she’s grabbing a hold of you! Or rather, your clothes. Is it your sleeve? The front of your jacket? The hem of your robe? Whatever it is, she’s grabbing it with one hand and with her other, she reaches for...

A needle and thread?

Ah, it looks like you have a tear in your clothes or a missing button of some sort and it’s really throwing off her groove.
) You need to take better care of yourself.

( Appearances are important. )

4. Wildcard
( Your move. First meetings, shenanigans, forced dance practices, catch her singing in the shower, find her super kawaii nico dance channel from her pre-saniwa days, w/e. )
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[ After everything Yamato has experienced, he hasn't expected to be given a new vessel. Or rather, not a new vessel but a new shape, something only tangible to other swords or the saniwa sages. Stepping out of the forge with his own two feet, carrying his metal vessel with him is a new experience and Yamato lifts a hand to shield his eyes from the sun. So many things he didn't have to concern himself with before because it didn't matter to him or didn't affect him like this.

It's going to take some getting used to.

The area around him is vast and despite Ishikirimaru's and the saniwa's explanations and directions, Yamato knows he's going to get lost once or twice. But who doesn't get lost once in a while?

Better to get started early on the getting lost part so he'll find his way around sooner rather than later.

Getting to the main housing area is easy enough, it's when Yamato has to find his bedroom is when he encounters the first problem. Everything, aside from some very obvious rooms, looks the same. There is nothing to indicate which room belongs to whom. Some are clearly inhabitated, scattered items or personal belongings decorating the rooms. Others are completely bare.

It's a little difficult to tell which room is his.

Best ask someone. And someone seems to be coming towards him. Time to smile and look friendly. ]

Excuse me, do you have a moment?


[ It's practically a given that there is no rest for the wicked. Or in the case of the swords, there are few days where they can rest. Either on expeditions or attending to internal affairs, every day is a day where the swords are being kept busy. Yamato prefers it that way. At least he can something to busy himself with.

What Yamato doesn't prefer is being assigned to the horses. There is something about them which makes him want to be elsewhere. Fighting something, preferably. Today, however, it's horses and Yamato is watching them from the safe side of the fence.

One of the horses is staring at him in return.

Every time he moves, those weird, beady eyes follow him. He's trying to be nonchalant about it and trying to get his work done as soon as possible but being watched this closely is a little unnerving.

And there is only so much staring Yamato can take. After a while, he puts the shovel down and stares right back.

Is... this going to turn into a contest? Someone interrupt, please. ]


[ A battle is a battle is a battle. No matter how you turn and twist it, a battle is dangerous, even for the highly skilled and strong. There is always a moment where they can slip up, a wrong step or something behind them which they didn't anticipate. A sudden enemy movement, a rush or an ambush. Everything is very much possible and it keeps them on their toes.

Being vigilant can only do so much.

It's why Yamato's arm is throbbing rather painfully as the group returns from the front lines. It's nothing really worth talking about, just a gash and it has already stopped bleeding. It's the mark on his vessel which is causing the pain, a sharp reminder that he should have paid more attention to what was going on.

They may be swords but they aren't unbreakable. In some ways, they're just as vulnerable as humans.

When the Citadel comes into view, Yamato breathes a quiet sigh of relief. Though perhaps he should let the sting remain a little longer. As reminder. ]


[modern au? rebirth au? a blast from the past? you decide, this is the wildcard!]
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((ooc; Please see this post for his info dump! This is open to swords, saniwas, and visitors alike!))

( Prompt A )

[ It's probably a strange sight to see an actual "saniwa" helping out in the fields. But Takako wasn't a saniwa, not really, he was just another tsukumogami pretending to be a saniwa, a fake of course. So when he's done picking the vegetables he'll wipe sweat off his brow with a satisfied little nod. ]

I-I didn't expect to pull out this many. [ He doesn't feel as awkward helping out his fellow spirits, even if he's trying his hardest to act the part he stole. ] D-Do you want anything to-to drink? It-it is kind of h-hot out, isn't it?

[ He'll stand up straight as he turns to regard whoever was helping him with chores that day. ]

( Prompt B )

[ Cooking was something he had done in the servitude of the Wakahisa family for much of his time alive. So it's safe to assume that he would do it here as well. There's a delicious smell of Tonkatsu wafting from the kitchen as Takako cooks up a hearty, large, meal. Tonkatsu, Tsukemono, Miso soup, and rice are being prepared in the large kitchen with a loving fervor. He missed this the most back at home...eating with the people he considered family. But everyone here was like family to him now so it makes him smile, if only briefly, as he begins to finish putting together the rest of the meal he'll realize he needs plates and bowls. He'll eventually huff as he looks up at the cabinet unable to reach it in silent dismay. Ah. What does he do?! ]

E-Excuse me? [ Ah, his voice is so tiny and low as he blushes slightly. He'll point the cabinet overhead. ] C-Can you h-help me get s-something?

( Prompt C )

[ The nightmares always manage to keep him awake so he doesn't bother sleeping much at night anymore. Not that tsukumogamis needed much of that in the first place. Still Takako will be looking up at the stars one evening, legs dangling off the side of the house's porch as he leans back with a tired sigh. He wonders how long he can keep up this charade, how long it'll take for the portal to reopen and the organization to take him back.

Every night it's the same cyclic thoughts as he lets his mind wander for hours into twilight and slow approaching daylight. He'd bask in the peacefulness of this place, mundane and repetitive as it was, for now until there was a time when it wouldn't be so anymore. That time had yet to come so he wouldn't dwell too long on these notions or thoughts. It wasn't good for his moral or the other's either. He smiles slightly as he whispers one name 'Takahiro' his true master and the man he was trying so hard to fight and live for. Takahiro would be happy that he finally found something akin to a family, something that he had always wanted to begin with. He just wished he was here with the other man instead of being alone. ]

( Prompt D )

[ Wildcard! Think up your own, yo. ]
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saniwa and sword day
It's not usual for companies to take a day off to encourage their staff to relax and enjoy themselves. Taking a leaf out of some book, majority agreement marks today "saniwa and sword day": a day for saniwas and swords of all citadels, big and small, new and old, to come together, meet (or reunite) with each other, relax and maybe play some friendly (hopefully) competitive inter-citadel games!

A large citadel has agreed to host the party. Servants stand helpfully at every corridor and entrance, ready to point ways to restrooms, food, or even a specific form of entertainment (like karaoke, performances or even tea ceremonies?? see prompt 2) if asked. It seems someone has decided to bring in cuisines from other countries, so there's more than sushi, tempura and udon around. Eat, make merry...or maybe be on the lookout for the face of a friend you never had the chance to meet because your saniwa had terrible luck and X won't come home.

The aim of the day is to bond and have fun! Performances happen every five minutes on the stage, and everyone is invited to show off their talent, if any. Tables for mahjong and boardgames, televisions hooked up to the latest gen of consoles with stacks of multiplayer games, a room for tea ceremony with saniwas on shift duty for anyone interested or nostalgic for days passed. Maybe, if you're fortunate enough, you can win the lucky draw at the end of the day for something to add to your citadel?

Friendly inter-citadel matches are already common, but with so many swords gathered at one point--who doesn't want to test their skills? The dojo's opened for matches...but in case it's taken, you may opt for: chess, shogi, boardgames of all shapes and sizes including game of life and monopoly, karaoke machines and whatever else you can think of. Try not to disturb or interrupt other matches though, because the servants are quick to try and step in if they see anyone destroying their precious citadel.

When the cats are away, the mice will play. In this case, when the citadel is away, the enemies play: reports of incidents are coming in by the minute, and there's no time to find your citadelmates to set off on sorties. Can you work together with the people you've just met, or are you with a duplicate of yourself...? As awkward as it might be, fight hard and come home victorious! (The repair room is opened and ready, just in case.)

But please be reminded: any damages to premises will be charged directly to your saniwa. We thank you for good behaviour.
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a festival meme
It’s a special time of year and the sword army is invited to come down from their citadels and celebrate. What? A summer festival, an offering to the gods, or perhaps a special ceremony of sorts. The normally quiet, rural village at the foot of the mountains will transform for the night with lanterns, fireworks, and music all around but first! Some preparations need to be done. Did you really think you would be invited down here without having to do some work? Prepare to dance, prepare to sing, prepare for a night of fun.
At the citadel, a new chore has been added to the list: ceremonial practice! The swords selected to perform at the festival will have to practice their song and dance or else they'll risk embarrassment in front of the crowds. Or maybe this entire thing is embarrassing... either way, this is your duty! Saniwa's orders! Where and when is up to you but you better be ready.

Those who aren’t practicing have been going on a lot of expeditions lately, haven’t they? Some of the materials brought back from missions has been set aside to take to the festival and offer later. The same can be said for the crops in the field, the alcohol that is suddenly off limits, and ah… do you smell that food from the kitchen? Yeah, that isn’t for you either. These are offerings to the gods though so don’t you dare try to get greedy! Are you listening?!

You can’t wear those same old clothes. They’re all torn and worn or just not appropriate at all for the type of festival you’re going to. The organization has all of your measurements and has sent special robes for the spirits and saniwa to wear. It even comes complete with accessories! What’s taking you so long? We should have left twenty minutes ago. Do you need help? Or are you trying to perfect your appearances for your big debut?

Everyone is dancing and everyone is singing. Are you one of the performers? Or are they dancing to you? What kind of songs are you hearing? What dances are you watching? Did you see the ceremonial sword dance? Or maybe you were invited to dance in a special performance with your saniwa! When the performance is over, make sure to congratulate the performers on a job well done… or tease your friend.

After the festive ceremonies, a more somber moment takes place. Remember, we are fighting a war and it’s important to remember those that have fallen. The swords that were broken and damaged beyond repair are gathered up and taken to a sacred fire so that their spirits can be purified and reborn. Later, all of those offerings you have been saving are offered up to the gods for their blessings. One by one, you can come up to the shrine or fire and say your prayers.

What better day to summon a sword spirit on the day you’ve made offerings to the gods and have prayed for good fortune? Maybe it’s a first-time saniwa summoning their first spirit or a veteran saniwa trying their luck. Maybe a saniwa has tried to purify a particularly corrupt sword tonight... Either way, a special spirit is going to be born tonight. Are you the spirit? Happy summoning day to you all.

The ceremonies are finally over! Wow, that sure took up a lot of time, huh? There are still a couple of more hours left in the night so enjoy the festivities. Try the food, play the shooting games, win a couple of prizes. How many goldfish can you catch? Or maybe the important question is: How are you going to take care of this goldfish? At the end of the night, you can catch the fireworks before the night ends.

Pick your own adventure.

This is a meme inspired by this plurk. What if the saniwa had to perform other duties besides just summoning swords to fight? What if they had to take part in special ceremonies? What if they had to invite their swords to perform with them? Feel free to get as creative as you want with this prompt as far as things like: Why are they celebrating? How often do they get to leave the citadel? Etc.
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i. forging

[he would have to admit, being brought to life again felt a little weird. Mostly because it was hot, overbearingly so, as a blacksmith battered him into shape with whatever tools and magic were used in this time. Even so, once he was formed and ready to go, the discomfort seemed to shed, giving way for Iwatooshi to actually be himself again.

Soon after- with loud footsteps and a few painful-sounding thuds when he hits his head or shoulders against small door frames and hallways- the Citadel now has the unwelcome burden of a new naginata stomping around.]

Hey, hey! Where is my new master?? I didn't step on them, did I?

[he twists around, laughing and glancing at the floor and the bottom of one of his boots. ...and hey, how did he even get out of the smithy without meeting his Saniwa first?]

ii. repairs

'Sjust a scratch! A bug bit me or something!!

[and there it was again, the loud voice of Iwatooshi booming from the repair room as he is poked with antiseptics and plastered with bandages. It wasn't that he liked getting hurt, or even went looking for trouble without his Master's orders... he just doesn't really take much notice when he suffers heavy damage.]

I'll be fine-- hey! That stings! [he grits his teeth, one eye closed tight as a cut on his cheek is swabbed clean of blood and dirt.]
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a: summer daze

[ summer is here in full swing - and that means being hot, no matter how many clothes are shed. hotarumaru is laying on the tatami floor, his jacket and cape off, leaving him in just his white button-down shirt, shorts, and his socks and garters. maybe you're here to lay around yourself, maybe you were just passing by, or maybe you were specifically looking for the tiny oodachi. either way, he's here, and he's whining about the heat. ]

It's ho----t. It's too ho----t.

b: summer nights

[ night has come, and things are a lot more peaceful - the temperature has toned down some, and hotarumaru is sitting comfortably on the porch, a few fireflies gathered around him. he seems to be playing with them, kicking his socked feet in the air as he does, humming a little nonsensical song. he's on his own for now, but he doesn't give the impression of wanting to be alone - come sit with him? ]

c: summer fun

[ hotarumaru has tossed a bucket of water at you somewhere outside. it's nice and cold, but still - it's a bucket of water tossed directly onto you. he immediately runs off, devolving into giggles at his own handiwork. give chase y/n? ]

d: come at me / misc.

[ u wot m8 ]
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A: good route!

[ On one early afternoon, you may find Uguisumaru in the kitchen with two ceramic tea kettles on the stove. They steam, hiss, and whistle as he tends to them, pulling them off individually and opening them up to place a tea strainer with loose tea leaves, berries, and other sorts of floral ingredients inside each stainless steel ball. The tachi does this without his eyes on the pots, as he settles into a confident and steady rhythm, preparing the two different pots of tea, their flavors unfamiliar to him. The perks of living in an accessible world. He'll notice if you enter or if you're peeking in and will direct a smile toward you. ]

Would you like to try a new blend with me?

B: ... bad route?

[ Or maybe you'll catch him as he's nearly finished with his preparations, and he's on the second pot but something goes wrong. He reaches out and does not touch a familiar kettle but the stove itself! He'll yelp out in pain and surprise, smacking a spare pot off of the counter and causing it to fall. It hits the floor and shatters. Luckily, there's no water or tea inside to cause an even bigger mess, but he's staring at his hand, cradling it... looking awfully worried and in shock. He's shaking, clearly unable to decide the direction he should take. ]

C: anything???

[ Throw a scenario at me, I'll try my best. uwu Also, here's a bird. ]
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Oh? Hah... Hello, hello.

[Just a sword wandering around? Another saniwa or just a simple visitor? Either way, there is an old woman sitting at the table, a cup of tea in her hands. It's been a simple afternoon at citadel without sorties or expeditions being a focus in today's agenda, so she has been making fresh pots of tea for the ones on chores to have on their breaks or just anyone to join her really.]

Feeling well? Would you like some tea? Come, come, come. There is enough for everyone after all.



[Someone is throwing things around the citadel and thankfully, she caught something with even her poor reflexes. Her eyes narrow as she looks at the object, an orange, in her hands before looking around to find the culprit.]

Wasteful, wasteful... It's like throwing money around like a toy. So wasteful...


[Shopping around for food and other necessities is something she doesn't mind doing. Walking around, viewing the wares, interacting with other people is good for her body and mind. Of course, she keeps everything on a good budget, but even she agrees that there is always a little free room for free spending. These swords and other saniwas work so hard, their efforts should never be forgotten.

Looking at that shiny new hair pin? Is there a sweet snack you like? Mirai couldn't help but to peak over your shoulder.

Do you like that? I have enough to spare if you want a little something.


[wildcard! feel free to create your own prompt!]


[chrissy here, joining the saniwa voicetesting/voicefleshing with this little old lady! her basic info post is here and feel free to make assumptions and things like being her starter or something! i'm cool with anything~]
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[It's a hot and humid summer night. Ookurikara decided to discreetly leave the common area to the courtyard, where's at least quiet, in this citadel full of noisy swords. He watched the fireflies flickering here and there while he thought about the day.

That damn saniwa had changed his status and his abilities. Now he could see better at night, but he was no more in the same category as the other Date clan swords. Hm. Maybe for the better, maybe they would leave him alone now. What he really didn't like about it was that saniwa thought they could just do whatever they wanted with him. No, he wouldn't admit it. He's the one who should decide his fate.

Whoever passed by would see him fiercely glaring at the empty gardens.

[Ugh. Ookurikara hated doing this. What was saniwa thinking, telling the swords to do this kind of work? Do they not know what a sword is for? Damn it. Better finish off quickly so he could go to the battlefield sooner.

Have one Ookurikara angrily pulling at the weeds with more strength than needed.

[whatever you want to do!]
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A: Returning from Shopping

[Carrying a huge load from the recent expedition, once again he doesn't seem to mind holding it all. It was physical labor and he was more than good at that! A big grin on his face he looks for Saniwa so he can show this times haul.]

Hey Master! Look at all we got!

[When he can't seem to find him, he moves towards the main room. However if anyone else wanted to jump on him he wouldn't mind. It would be fun after all.]

B: Horse Stables

[It was Iwatooshi's turn to care for the horses and once again there seem to be a few issues involved with it. Standing about a good ten feet from the animals, they all seem to be stomping their hooves to the ground and look extremely scared of him.]

Come on...don't be scared! You've seen me before!

[Trying to approach one the animal attempts to kick him and jumps back.]

HEY! Watch that!

[Gods...why couldn't Master take him off of horse duty.]

C: TV Room

[Laying on his side, painfully bored, he watches the tv with mild interest. Well until he begins to nod off. It wasn't long before he was sleeping with his face in his hand. There wasn't a lot to do today...might as well be a good sword nap time.]
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[ sometimes, the saniwa goes back to their own time, right? they can spend a few weeks at a time there, depending on how busy it is and what they're doing. well.. this time when they get back, they have someone with them. someone quite small and light.. who looks a little birdlike.. and who has wings??? no seriously he has wings. maybe he's a spirit?

he's introduced as noa, yes he's a tengu (calm down, imanotsurugi), yes he's a teenager, yes he's here to stay (for now), yes he's.. accidentally bound to the saniwa... no, neither of them are telling the story.

noa turns out to be a little shy, especially when stared at, but it doesn't take him long to warm up to people.. usually. as long as no one annoys him too badly. (he's probably about as threatening as an angry baby bird.) ]

[ first meetings are important, right? and there are a lot of first meetings to have. maybe you were away when he showed up, or maybe you just haven't had time. whatever the reason, there is now a small, puffed-up bird-person in impossible geta (seriously, how do he and imanotsurugi wear them..) at your door, arms folded and wings spread to block the entrance. ]

.. It's been a pain trying to catch up with you, you know.

[ as a tengu, noa's naturally inclined toward the martial arts, and thus he's already a pretty impressive fighter. still, he uses a shakujo, and in a citadel full of sword spirits, isn't that a little insulting?? i mean, come on. traditional or not, at least show some solidarity..

either way, he's in the practice hall now, running through forms. .. and that's another thing, why doesn't he ever practice with anyone? join him, maybe? jeer at him? .. watch him? that's kind of boring compared to the other two, but to each his own.. ]

[ .. there's no doubt about it. noa is useless at field work. he tries, he really does, but he's almost guaranteed to accidentally pull up something that isn't ready, or get tangled in vines or weeds, or fall in the rows..

he's off to one side, now, filthy and brooding, preening his wings with single-minded intensity. it's probably actually kind of pathetic. ]

[ wildcard! hit me with.. whatever?! ]
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[ side a ]

[ It’s not unusual to find Satoru up and about when the sun begins to rise. He has always been an early riser, up way before his parents and his sister. It’s the tranquility and the solitude of the morning air he appreciates and soaks up when only the birds are awake to keep him company. And with the sun still somewhat hidden behind the mountain range, the heat isn’t as oppressive yet as it tends to be during the day time.

But there is simply no rest for the wicked.

Quietly, Satoru pads along the wooden hallways, trying to be as stealthy as possible as to not wake up the resting swords. If they even sleep at all. Satoru has never wondered before. There was no point in wondering if swords, made of metal as they are, slept and dreamed. Now that he knows they’re more than that, it’s one of those thoughts which sneak up on him once in a while.

… …

It’s of no concern to him, isn’t it.

Three more steps and a turn and the saniwa sage stops in front of the storage which contains all their money and materials. By now, the shelves are stacked to the brim with resources but considering what he started out with, it’s better to have too much than too little. And yet…

It seems they’re running low on whetstones.

Satoru picks up a thick stack of papers and a pen as he walks towards the shelves. Time to take inventory.

Though something gives him pause and Satoru furrows his eyebrows together. Was he imagining it or has there been a noise? Someone is up as early as he is? Or is the expedition party home already? ]

[ side b ]

[ The day has marched steadily onwards and around lunch time, everyone is busy. The sun is chipperly frying the earth with it’s merry rays and almost everyone has fled inside to escape the heat, if only momentarily. And while everyone is resting inside, Satoru slips outside to check on the tasks he assigned. The training hall is empty right now though judging by the equipment lying around, it has been in use until recently.

Satoru’s feet carry him towards the stables and the pasture next and he lets out a small sigh of relief when he sees the horses grazing in the shade of a large tree. He glances towards the water trough just off to the side. It’s well-filled and someone’s been dedicated enough to move it closer towards the trees so the horses won’t have to move much in this kind of weather.

The last stop offers a temptation Satoru can’t resist. As a dedicated person with a green thumb, it fills his chest with an odd sense of pride to see the green buds sprout. Some plants are already far tallers than others, shielding their delicious treasure with their leaves. Soon they’ll be able to harvest some of the crops and then…

...then what?

Satoru frowns before his expression returns to its natural blank state.

Then they’ll have vegetables to cook for dinner. The first harvest looks good and plentiful and with the right planning, it can last them for a couple of weeks. There is no need for a banquet. It would be a waste and the swords are swords. They would be loud and wild and as bright as always and it’s something Satoru wishes to avoid, if he can. It’s too noisy and overwhelming sometimes.

His eyes drift over the field once last time and catch on something.

Someone has left the hoe resting against a part of the fence. And there are parts of the fields with the ground still untouched and it’s making Satoru’s fingers itch. How long has it been since he was able to do something like this? Simply turning the soil and planting something within, caring for it until it bears fruit? Of course the plants in his personal rooms bring him great joy but this…

This is something else.

Making a split-second decision, Satoru picks the hoe up and walks over to the untilled soil.

Looks like this saniwa thinks it’s a bright idea to work on the fields in the bright mid-day sunlight. People returning from sorties might see him or those returning to their assigned chores might also catch a glimpse of him. ]

[ side c ]

[ With the moon high in the sky, large and round and illuminating the world in a way the sun never will, the heat has retreated. The night air is crisp compared to what it was during the day and it’s not something Satoru experiences a lot. He tends to go to bed when the sun sets, tired from rising early and overseeing tasks during the day.

So it is a rare sight indeed, seeing the saniwa sitting outside on one of the wooden hallways connecting the different parts of the citadel. The yukata shifts as Satoru stretches out his legs, his feet bare. The shoes have been discarded, a small heap near Satoru’s feet. There is, perhaps, sometimes about this picture which may count as childish. Satoru is going against his own rules and habits for once to indulge in a sight he rarely gets to take in.

A gust of wind is quick to remind Satoru why he usually doesn’t indulge like this.

He tucks his feet beneath his body and tugs at the blue haori around him to make sure it’s not going to fall off anytime soon. Satisfied that everything is in order, Satoru looks up at the moon again.

The moon is utterly gorgeous and for once, Satoru wishes he had some company to share the experience with. ]

[ flipside ]

[wildcard! come up with your own prompt if these three aren’t your flavor.]

(please see this post for information. open to swords, other saniwas and other visitors! please feel free to assume what their previous interactions were like.)
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Summer begins, and the saniwa's army earns a well deserved vacation. All expenses paid for by their organization, from travel to lodging to food, and yes, even the swim wear and toys. The water is blue, the skies are (mostly) clear, and it's time to have some fun at the beach! Watch out for the jellyfish and KBseagulls.

***Feel free to include some prompts in your top level. If you can't think of any, pick from below for some ideas!**

001.IN THE WATER This is why you're here, right? Take to the water and splash around. Now might be a good time to learn to swim if you don't already. But watch out! Here comes a large wave--!

002.SANDCASTLES This is it... the enemy's stronghold... not! It's a race against the clock to build a castle before the tide comes in. Collect those seashells, fortify your fortress, and don't be a jerk and ruin some else's castle.

SUNBATHING or maybe you've opted to sit under the shade of a large umbrella instead. Some times it's good to just sit back, relax, and watch to make sure no one needs to be rescued later. Keep an eye on the tide or you might find yourself getting wet anyway.

BEACH ANIMALS There are tiny fish in the tide pools, crabs crawling around, and uwah are those sea turtles?! Tsurumaru, put that octopus down right now. Ouch, did that jellyfish get you?
And look, over there! That's a dolphin! You know, dolphins are intelligent creatures and have been known to help people-- WAIT NO ITS A SHARK ITS A SHARK NOT A FRIENDLY FISH IT LOOKS LIKE A DOLPHIN BUT ITS A SHARK.

MELON SLICING The organization has been kind enough to provide food and drink as well. They must have felt very clever sending all of those watermelons, though. Really, who needs that many watermelons? It's a competition to see which sword is the True Melonslasher.

STORM Those clouds came in so quickly, you barely had a chance to notice. The sky is dark, the rain is pouring down, and the wind is blowing cold. It's time to quickly collect your things and try to find some place dry.

KBCGULLS. Oh no, who fed the seagulls? They're circling around like vultures and making swoops at you, trying to steal your food. Hey, wait, that's not even edible! Was it just you or was there an evil glint in that bird's eye just now...?

008.BEACH PARTY. All of those watermelons you sliced earlier are being put to use. The sun is setting, the food is out, and a bonfire is going on the beach. Eat your heart out and dance around the fire. Watch the sunset, look at the stars, this sure is nice, isn't it?

Mix and match. Create your own prompt. Find the dragon king's palace or something.
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